Data Communications

• Terrestrial systems: GSM, GSM-R, GPRS, 4G, 5G, WiFi 802.11, WiMAX 802.16, and Bluetooth

• Static and mobile satellite systems covering: Ka-band, Ku-band and X-band frequencies

We have considerable expertise in wireless communications and data technologies covering cellular and satellite systems.

We specify, design and deliver bespoke innovative solutions, often utilising a combination of bearer technologies to provide data, voice and broadband internet connectivity to locations with no existing fixed infrastructure.

An example of this would be a local WiFi or CCTV network with a satellite backhaul, fully independent of any fixed infrastructure.

From small hand-held units, portable and tactical systems through to fixed installations, we can specify and deliver a technology solution that is right for your individual application.

Complementary expertise and experience in the rail and vehicle domains enables us to port communications technology across onto moving platforms to provide a range of data connectivity on the move.